Evolution of a Catalogue

GoBetweens_cover_sketch.jpg GoBetweens_cover.jpg
The Go Betweens: The Lives of Immigrant Children was an exhibition developed by the University Art Museum and shown in 1986. Along with the catalogue, I found some sketches done by the designers outlining what the final catalogue would look like. I always find it interesting to peek behind the scenes and see the work that goes into creating products such as a catalogue or an exhibition…

GoBetweens_Layout copy.jpg GoBetweens_cat4.jpg






Layout of the catalogue, and a page of the finished product.

2 Comments on "Evolution of a Catalogue"

  1. Erik Moore | May 18, 2011 at 10:14 am |

    I wonder if you’ll be able to pin point when the last hand designed catalogue was made before switching to a computer designed publication.

  2. That would be interesting to find out. I looked up when Adobe Pagemaker came out (an early desktop publishing program), and that was in 1985. This kind of software probably didn’t come into wide use for a while after that. I’ve never had to layout a publication by hand (luckily!) but I imagine this software was a HUGE timesaver…

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