Mysterious Media

Though a majority of processing has consisted of rhythmic re-foldering, several boxes have also contained mysterious miscellany found amongst the folder sets…

After removing each of the two folders containing materials for the Grace Hartigan Exhibition, (held at the University Gallery from Sept. 23 – Nov. 4, 1963), an item, which had been shoved underneath the folders, was revealed at the bottom of the box: a smaller cardboard box!


Labeled with “Hartigan” and the dates of the exhibition, the box was obviously intended to be included with this folder set. The contents of the box create further intrigue…


A small note that states, “Joanne – this is the Hartigan tape recording – please ‘file; (ex: folder), 63-64, Sept. 23 – Nov. 3,” covered the small reel of tape that rested inside. After consulting with the advising archivist, the box was made note of and set aside for further investigation.

What is this mysterious media?

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  1. Answer: Microfilm!

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